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What's It About: “Underground Media TV” is a new, weekly, half-hour, Entertainment Newsmagazine being produced by “The New Talent Entertainment, Inc.”, a full service entertainment industry group, whose genesis is the cultural mélange of Urban American, Caribbean and African cultures in today’s Brooklyn neighbourhoods.
Underground Media TV “Underground Media TV” is dedicated to bringing our audience the hottest stories from the worlds of the independent music industry, the urban club scene, style & fashion and new media.

We also offer a first looks at the best of the new, up and coming talent as well as keeping our viewers informed on thought-provoking issues of the day.

An additional goal of “Underground Media TV” is to reach out to the young entrepreneurs of urban America and assist them in bringing their businesses into the public eye. In this way we hope to serve as a tool of education for all of our peers in the fields of entertainment.
From these cosmopolitan roots “Underground Media TV” reach out to all the world’s communities to provide the best, most cutting-edge of today’s artistic and entertainment projects. Underground Media TV Logo
At “The New Talent Entertainment” we truly are the future.
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